Copy of DENR temporary revocation order of Intex ECC

On November 27, Environment Secretary Lito Atienza yielded to pressure and ordered a temporary revocation of the environmental compliance certificate he issued for the Mindoro Nickel Project of the Norway-based Intex Resources.



One Response

  1. Why did Sec. Atienza ordered the temporary revocation of compliance issued to the MNP? I believe what people are saying, “Is he waiting for something?”

    If I were Sec. Atienza, not a temporary revocation is needed but a final one! Sec. Atienza should go to Mindoro for him to see it for himself about the island. The political leaders, especially those close to PGMA must exert their vast influence to have the revocation final and no mining whatsover will ever be done in Mindoro.

    In Occidental Mindoro, this is the right time for Gov. Nene, Rep. Gerlie and JTV to unite for the good of the province and the people living there, especially for those directly affected by the mining operations.

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