Governors lead fight vs mining in Mindoro
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Officials and group representatives from Occidental Mindoro united with Oriental Mindoro folk in their crusade against large-scale mining in the island that history books call “Mina de Oro.”

Intex seeking Peza perks
Manila Standard
Intex Resources Philippines Inc., a unit of Norway ’s Intex Resources ASA, plans to form two companies that will separately handle the mining and ore processing businesses of its $3.15-billion nickel project in Mindoro island, a company official said.

Multi-sectoral rally stops mining project in Mindoro
In a display of solidarity with local government officials, environmentalists and clergy joined hands and led thousands of rallyists from Oriental and Occidental Mindoro against Intex Resources Philippines on March 14, 2009.

Opinion: Sablayan fights mining
Business Mirror
The townsfolk of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro are up in arms against a large-scale mining project being pursued by Aglubang Mining Corp. in their municipality. In an open letter to President Arroyo as well as Environment Secretary Lito Atienza, they cite possible irreparable damage particularly to the farming sector as the main reason for their opposition to the project.

The Alangans: Forest tribe on the verge of mining
The Alangan forest people on the Philippine island of Mindoro are frightened. The sound of test drilling can be heard several places in the jungle they are dependent on. The land they have inherited from their ancestors is threatened by Norwegian mining operations. They fear that the forest god Kapwambulod will be disturbed and turn against them.

House probe on Mindoro mining activities sought
Militant lawmakers have sought a congressional inquiry into the effects of large-scale mining activities on the environment and livelihood of people in Oriental Mindoro.

Large-scale mining requires government approval
The Philippine Star The power of the national government on the management of large-scale mining over the local government units is once again pointed out by Vice President Noli de Castro as he noted that the government is really determined to revitalize the said industry to cushion the current global financial crisis.

Conference delegates call for mining moratorium
Aware of the effects of mining in their localities, residents and local government officials in mining-affected communities have been campaigning for a mining moratorium to ensure biodiversity and agricultural sustainability. Already in Oriental Mindoro, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan has passed an ordinance declaring a 25-year moratorium on all forms of mining in the province.

Philippine governor stops mining project in Oriental Mindoro
Manila Bulletin
Oriental Mindoro Governor Arnan C. Panaligan has stopped the operation of the Mindoro nickel and cobalt project in this province, invoking the 25-year mining ban which has been in effect since 2002.

Norwegian nickel publicity in the Philippines
Intex Resources has changed strategy and is now carrying out an information campaign towards the population on Mindoro . In this manner it intends to prevent local opposition from spoiling its project plans.


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