Hunger strike press conference in Quezon City, part 1

Badang, an Alangan leader, speaks about the impending displacement of Mangyan communities as the nickel project encroaches on their ancestral domain in Mindoro during a press conference on November 18.

Hunger strike press conference in Quezon City, part 2

Two local government officials of Mindoro Occidental divulge the bogus public consultations conducted by Intex. One of the officials alleges that during a public hearing in Mamburao town, only pro-mining people were allowed to attend. Mamburao is far from the direct and indirect impact areas.

Hunger strike press conference in Quezon City, part 3

Oriental Mindoro Vice Governor Estella Aceron expresses sadness over Secretary Atienza’s declaration that he was unaware of the 25-year mining moratorium in Oriental Mindoro.

Hunger strike press conference in Quezon City, part 4

Oriental Mindoro Governor Arnan Panaligan and Occidental Mindoro Governor Josephine Ramirez-Sato criticize the railroaded process in issuing the environmental compliance certificate to the Mindoro Nickel Mining Project.

The Last Stand of the Alangan

The Alangan forest people on the Philippine island of Mindoro are frightened. The sound of test drilling can be heard several places in the jungle they are dependent on. The land they have inherited from their ancestors is threatened by Norwegian mining operations. [Norwatch]

Ignored Voices

An abridged version of the award-winning documentary “Wailing of Paradise,” CEDC’s entry to Moonrise Film Festival in 2005.

Mindoreños hit issuance of ECC to Intex’s nickel mining project

Intex Public Hearing (Pola, Oriental Mindoro, 14 May 2009)

Alyansa Tigil Mina at the ASEAN People’s Forum 2009

The impact of a nickel mine in Tanjung Buli, Indonesia

The World Bank reports how a nickel mine operation in Tanjung Buli, Indonesia caused soil erosion, heavy sedimentation in the coastal zone, muddy gullies marking the slopes below the mine site, as well as oil discharges just offshore.

Wonderful Sablayan

These videos showcase to the world the natural landscapes and seascapes of the biggest municipality in Occidental Mindoro, Sablayan, where about 9,000 hectares of land are set to be mined for nickel by the Norway-based Intex Resources.


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